About Us

BBOM association came out with the common need of parents and educators. Başka Bir Okul Mümkün Association, the ideals of which were founded in 2009, was set up in 2010 to develop an alternative school model and to open schools which use this model. In 2010, the voluntary group who organised collective meetings started its work to find aspects for improvement of current Turkish education system, to suggest solutions for problems and to create an alternative school model on the basis of systematic and academic studies.  

4 Principles:

Alternative Education, Democratic Administration, Ecological Approach, Unique Financing

Firstly, the group compromising over the basic principles evaluated, investigated and inspired by the existing and worldwide models, sample alternative schools and independent practices with the help of a growing body of the voluntaries to form a model appropriate for Turkey. To create an alternative model suitable for the conditions in Turkey, instead of current standardized, hierarchical and disciplinary system, BBOM model has been developed, involving alternative methods and techniques, being democratic and participative, based on the social justice principle, emphasizing ecological morals and sticking to the four principles: Alternative Education, Democratic Administration, Ecologic Approach, Special Financing.

BBOM Association held various meetings, workshops and advertisements. In the association, members include voluntary parents who believe in the BBOM model and are willing to send their children to this school. BBOM Association is also a civil initiative where over 20% of its educators are experts in their fields. BBOM has thousands of supporters and followers from many parts of Turkey who had their self-actualization mostly through opportunities given by public education, suffered from both defects in the education system and public educational opportunities, put forward the crucial problem of the need for a democratic, egalitarian, qualified education system for all people.

Practices of BBOM are based on volunteerism. The executive committee of the association is open to the participation of the local representatives as a result of the expanding activity area since 2014. The doors of the team have been opened to young volunteers who would like to contribute to the efforts and gain experience in the field of civil society, as it is still open. As a consequence of these changes, BBOM Association aims to have an active and widespread working platform and works considering these principles. Besides, the association finalise their decisions on their agenda about the BBOM model in their workshops by consulting the experts.

Our collaborative efforts still continue to open new schools.

Our association still works in numerous fields intensely both to improve BBOM model and activate BBOM schools. Our priority is to open new schools. The first BBOM school, named Mutlu Keçi Primary School, opened in September, 2013 in Bodrum. By the year 2018, our schools and cooperatives are:

  • Ankara – Meraklı Kedi (Curious Cat) Primary School
  • İzmir – Renkli Orman (Colourful Forest) Early Childhood Center and Primary School
  • İstanbul- Koşan Kaplumbağa (Running Turtle) Early Childhood Center
  • Çanakkale- Bilge Leylek (Wise Stork) Primary School
  • Eskişehir- Uçan Bisiklet (Flying Bicycle) Primary School
  • BBOM Kaş Education Cooperative
  • BBOM Ankara Education Cooperative
  • BBOM İzmir Education Cooperative
  • BBOM İstanbul Anatolia Education Cooperative
  • BBOM Çanakkale Education Cooperative
  • BBOM Eskişehir Education Cooperative
  • BBOM Ayvalık Education Cooperative

Besides our attempts to open new schools, our teacher support programs, initiated with “Başka Öğretmenler Mümkün” project, aim to spread participatory and peaceful learning environments by establishing BBOM Teacher Village in 2016, in Bodrum. BBOM Teacher Village still acts as a community which provides hundreds of teachers visiting the village with cooperative learning and producing opportunities.

Our Dream

Participatory and peaceful learning communities.

Our Aim

With the BBOM Model in the field of education, to create, to inspire to create and to support participative and peaceful learning communities that oversee children’s welfare.


Başka Bir Okul Mümkün Association follows the following principles and morals while founding BBOM schools and in every stage of administration.

  • Equality
  • Social Justice
  • Freedom (Thought, speech, action and choice)
  • Solidarity
  • Pluralism
  • Social sensitivity
  • Opposition to violence (physical, verbal, psychological)
  • Opposition to discrimination (nationality, race, language, religion, sexual orientation, economic, social, physical)
  • Ecological Thinking
  • Creativity
  • Productivity
  • Honesty
  • Self-control
  • Criticism
  • Being scientific
  • Mindfulness
  • Empathy

•Alternative Education

Freedom in Education!

School is child’s the most fundamental living area and it is children’s right to determine their life as an individual. Therefore, BBOM education program rests on this maxim: “Each child is unique and has the right to structure the process of his education, as it is a part of his life.” BBOM education program is built upon the idea that each child has a right to learn differently. Child-centred education approach that we pursue emphasizes that children’s emotions and thoughts, abilities, and interests are different and they have to be identified and cared cautiously. We implement this belief by giving the child the right to speak and the right of choice for every single element of the program (aims, content, teaching methods, teaching materials, assessment) to know the child well.

It is not adequate for BBOM model that the only aim of education program is personal development. Thus, this program not only aims to support children’s individual interests, needs and potentials but also aims to educate individuals who are sensitive to realities and problems in life. The school is not apart from life. Therefore, the child should not be isolated from realities of world and his environment during education. BBOM education program is organised by focusing on social solution and child-centred approaches.

The universal objectives that school helps children achieve are common values of the school. It is crucial to protect these values in all processes. Therefore, the children can internalise these values by learning and experience.

•Democratic Administration

The Model, proposed by the BBOM Association, embodies an administrative structure which enables all components of the school (teacher, family, environment etc.) to interiorize all facts of democracy. While it is principally agreed that all components of the school participate in making decisions directly or indirectly about their lives and living areas and have equal rights to speak, sustainable mechanisms are created where children accept this participation as a right and use this right.

All components of BBOM school principally have the right to participate in decision-making through the council and committees. During the implementation of these rules, they also have the responsibility to choose the areas (nourishment, cleaning, administration etc.) which they are inclined to and prefer. All responsibilities and rights go parallel with each other.

Self-determination in BBOM school, which is based on democratic participation, not only aims self-realization but also includes the idea of solidarity and sharing in social and natural relationships and enables children to gain experience as responsible, altruistic individuals.

•Ecological Approach

What is necessary to overcome the ecological crisis is a new value system which reconstructs person-nature relationship and focuses on ecological view. BBOM considers nature and its components not as resources for the people but as other beings. Biological diversity in the nature is an important tool in learning process. Also, by understanding and centralizing this diversity and harmony, it is possible to switch from “competition” that social order imposes today to “collaboration”. The children who witness the balance of this diversity and collaboration in nature both adopt the diversity in society and explore the alternative which is radical, permanent, sustainable and self-sufficient, instead of social reproduction process called “development”.

In this context, the BBOM model and school aim to provide a different sample which emphasizes on ecologic philosophy in education process. One basic approach in dealing with the curriculum in the BBOM school is to raise ecologic consciousness and awareness by internalizing the subject of “ecology” in the curriculum. Forming new habits which involve adequate use instead of consumption and creating awareness about the idea that all creatures in nature have the right to reach the natural sources equally are our primary objectives of education. Within this scope, the principles about the correct use of energy and natural sources, reducing the consumption at a minimum level and sustainable life will continue to exist in the whole school environment.

•Unique Financing

BBOM’s unique financing concept is grounded on the fact that education expenses is supposed to be covered by public sources. While they try to spread the idea that the expenses must be met by public sources, they project a school system which meets its own expenses and is beneficial socially before this macro change comes into existence. At the centre of BBOM school finance structure, there is a maxim which says “for everybody’s capacity, for everybody’s need”. Accordingly, some mechanisms will be produced both financially and socially. In this model, school fees are determined basically to meet its own expenses without thinking profit-making. For children at risk and with personal deficiencies and disadvantaged groups who have no chance to have proper education because of impossibilities, quotas will be created without discrimination children with regards to their nationality, race, language, religion, gender, sexual orientation, sexual identity, physical and social obstacles. Moreover, same mechanisms will be used while building relationships with the locals in the area where the BBOM school is opened. In this school, the education expenses of the children who have financial impossibilities will be met through “gradual accounting” and “support family-second family” models.

In BBOM schools, personal rights of all workers will be supported thoroughly. No discrimination (nationality, race, language, religion, gender, sexual orientation, economic, social, physical) will be made in employment policies and employment of disadvantaged groups will be supported cautiously.

BBOM Teacher’s Village supports teachers and provides an opportunity which helps them gain experience and interiorize participatory and peaceful learning to become a team as a sustainable community. Thus, they support and inspire participatory and peaceful learning communities to reach more children with BBOM Model.

Başka Öğretmenler Mümkün

The first project of the Teacher Village’s vision was held as 5 separate meetings and in 41 days.

At the end of the project, volunteers amongst the participants contributed in developing future BBOM Teacher Village projects and activities.

Initial Programs

Initial programs which take place for 10 ten days and as 2 separate meetings aim to empower the participants about Child Rights, Communication without Violence, Positive Discipline.

Focusing Programs

In this program, 24 participants out of the participants who completed BBOMÖK Teacher Support Programs worked on the topics which they choose to focus on to gain strength in their fields.

2015-Başka Öğretmenler Mümkün

2016-Primary School Support Program  (2.Generation)

2016-Initial Program-II (3. Generation)

2017– Initial Program -III (4. Generation)

2017– Initial Program -IV (5. Generation)

2016-Focusing Program

2017-Emphatic Communication in Schools with Sura Hart

2017-5 Generation Summer Camp Together

2017-Teacher Village Harvest of Olives

2018– Initial Program 6. Generation

2018– Initial Program 7. Generation

BBOM Publishing

First book of BBOM Publishing “Anne Baba Kumandası” was out in 2016.

The BBOM Publishings aiming to add qualified publications to the literature on Alternative Education and children’s books meet with the readers taking into account the values adopted by the BBOM Association.

Changemaker Education Summit

Activities for Development of BBOM Model

Model Development Team started working in 2017 to plan, develop, document and share new methods, materials, mechanisms and processes with the purpose of trying to pass the BBOM Model to life.

They research on BBOM shareholders, visit BBOM schools, organise meetings, collect effective application samples and document them, enrich the works by following the changes in Turkey and around the world.

BBOM Association

Başka Bir Okul Mümkün Association

Communication Office: Sinanpaşa Mah. İlhan Sok. Pembe Rüya Apt. No:15 D:4 Beşiktaş/ İstanbul

Mobile:0 (533) 684 7129

Email: iletisim@baskabirokulmumkun.net

BBOM Schools and Cooperatives

Ankara-Meraklı Kedi Primary School

BBOM Ankara Education Cooperative

BBOM Ankara Publicity Mobile 0530 377 95 62

Email: ankara@baskabirokulmumkun.net


İzmir-Renkli Orman Early Childhood Center and Primary School

BBOM İzmir Education Cooperative

Email: izmir@baskabirokulmumkun.net


İstanbul-Koşan Kaplumbağa Early Childhood Center

BBOM İstanbul Anatolia Education Cooperative

Email: iletisim@kosankaplumbagaanaokulu.k12.tr


Çanakkale-Bilge Leylek Primary School

Email: canakkale@baskabirokulmumkun.net


Eskişehir-Uçan Bisiklet Primary School

Canan Çağdavul 0505 539 1398

Email: eskisehir@baskabirokulmumkun.net


BBOM Kaş Education Cooperative

Mobile:0532 717 3311


BBOM Ayvalık Education Cooperative