ASIP (BBOM) has evolved due to the very common need of both parents and educators…

Another School is Possible Foundation whose intellectual seeds had been planted in 2009 was founded in November 2010 in order to develop an alternative school model and establish schools where this model is applied. The voluntary group started to gather in the early 2010, which also triggered the works to determine the current Turkish education system’s traits that are open for improvement, offer solutions for the issues and develop an alternative school model based on systematic studies and research.

4 Axis: Alternative Education, Democratic Management, Ecological Stance and Authentic Finance

Following the agreement upon the fundamental principles, the voluntary group researched, examined and was inspired from the current methods, models in the world, alternative school samples and independent applications in order to develop a model peculiar to Turkey, with the effort of its tremendously increasing number of members. In order to create an alternative to the standardizing, hierarchial ve disciplinary structure of the current system in Turkey, the group developed the ASIP (BBOM) model which is based on the axis of Alternative Education, Democratic Management, Ecological Stance and Authentic Finance, and which includes alternative methods and techniques giving importance to democracy, participation, social justice and ecological values.

The ASIP Foundation has held several meetings, workshops and promotional activities for this purpose. It is a civil initiative whose 50% consists of voluntary parents who believe in ASIP model and want to educate their children at ASIP schools, and more than 20 percentage includes expert educators. It is a huge group whose members have realized themselves considerably with the opportunities provided by the public education, have experienced both the problems of Turkish education system and public education opportunities at the same time, thus accept a qualified, democratic and egalitarian education model as priority and have supporters from almost everywhere in Turkey.

The ASIP Foundation – with its more than 200 active volunteers and about 3000 supporters and followers – amplified its Administration and Audit Boards in 2012 with a regulation alteration in order to correspond its participatory and transparent structure to its tremendously increasing member base.

All the works performed in ASIP Foundation depend on volunteerism. The subjects related with ASIP Model are taken into agenda, then determined what to do by taking experts’ comments and opinions into consideration. In addition, the foundation has a comprehensive advisory board consisting of precious experts.

Our collective effort is in progress to establish Other Schools…

The foundation which is extremely busy with both developing the ASIP model and actualising ASIP Schools has had a contact office in Beşiktaş, Istanbul and a professional coordinator who maintains the works in progress in different subjects and areas to be managed coordinately since August 2011, and also a representation office in Bodrum, Muğla.

It STILL has an ambition to establish a school both in Istanbul and Bodrum.