Our Vision

To establish schools which;

  • actualize the rights declared in the “Convention on the Rights of Children”,
  • provide children opportunities to self-realize,
  • is managed with participatory democracy,
  • respectful to ecological balance
  • and do not seek profit,

To generalize this education mentality and constitute a model in order to actualize similar other schools

Our Mission

To provide children opportunities to improve their potential, creativity and productivity,

To design school, class and all education environments in favour of child’s high-benefit and security, and within the framework of ecological awareness,

To create a pluralistic and solidarist school culture which provides children, families, educators and employees participate the processes of planning, making decision and application altogether in order to create an egalitarian and libertarian environment in education in terms of economical, social and cultural values,

To allow children who have social, economical, physical and mental differences to take part in education-instruction process with an approach particularly appropriate to their traits,

To maintain the internalization of fundamental principles such as violence and discrimination opposition, social awareness and emphaty during the education process,

To design child-friendly and child-focused education and instruction in order to develop and generalize alternative and sustainable “another school” model with an authentic financial approach, which protects social justice; to actualize sample projects; to perform education, network set-up and argument activities.